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It was lime green, all text (some flashing), and included a personal shout out to everyone I knew. Yes, fifteen years ago I launched my first webpage and since then I’ve maintained an online presence.  The third iteration of my site coincided with the start of the Snowflyzone name in 2002, and I’ve stuck with it since. Through the years I’ve kept up a range of blogs. Actually, I started blogging before blogging was a word (arrrr…back in my day…). Most of my posts / articles discussed the absurdity in life around me.  In the same vein, I had my own version of tweets back in 2003 which I called ‘fascles’ – a mix of fascinating and baffle.


My blogging comes and goes in pulses. I’ve been off of it for about 18 months and I’m ready to come back, so here goes. Today I’m launching the 8th version of Snowflyzone as a venue to show my personal projects and offer my design services, and I’m attempting to restart the blog flow. Please enjoy this gallery of Snowflyzone’s gone by…(yes, these are static images that I’ve kept deliberately small).


Circa 1997:

Circa 2000:

Circa 2002:

Circa 2003:

Circa 2005:

Circa 2007:

Circa 2009: