User Research, Design Direction, and Training

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, I enjoy smart partners with interesting projects. As an experience designer, I specialize in the early parts of the design process: gathering relevant research, making meaning out of it, and creating executable solultions. I will also serve as your Design or Creative Director, and coordinate, strategize, and integrate your research and design desires into your product offering or larger organization.   If you are interested in design training, I offer a comprehensive suite of options at Parallel Design Labs.


User Research

Do you want a fantastic user experience for your product, app, space, or service?


I will help you create and implement a human-centered user research strategy for your product, experience, service, or company.

I can:

  1. Craft your study
  2. Conduct and synthesize the research
  3. Connect and apply the results directly to design

Design Direction

Are you looking to add a design or creative lead to your project?


I will oversee and integrate all of the creative components of your project and work with your internal and external partners to ensure execution. This includes scoping strategy, bringing in the right talent, integrating research, determining design principles, and ensuring implementation that is married to design.

I work well with your engineers, business leads, architects, programmers, graphic and other designers.

Design + Innovation Training

Want to join in the fun?


Design thinking, innovation, creative capacity…if you are interested in training for yourself, team, company, or school, I offer a full range of services. Please visit Parallel Design Labs for more information.

Not sure what you need?

Contact me and we’ll start the conversation. I can help you make sense of your options and determine the best course of action.

Please note, though I incorporate elements in my work, I don’t take industrial, graphic, or CAD design projects.