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Congealed isn’t the right word, but I wanted to write it. I once worked at a place that was overrun with meetings. Every hour of every day was scheduled by someone for something and more often than not we barely accomplished anything. Now that I run my own show, I’ve been able to be very deliberate about my meetings. I’ve found I like consolidating them into one day. Meeting day becomes a day I look forward to, and the energy from one leads me into the next.

I started today by running a client through the first results of a user study having to do with space design – super generative and great conversation that made me late for my next meeting with a new potential client in the medical device / behavior realm – the high energy from that discussion then made me tardy once again to meet up with a fellow designer on a new skateboard collaboration we’re kicking off.

A day like today would have drained me in the past because it would be one of many with no space for work to happen in between. I’ve congealed (I know it should be aggregated) my meetings and found the sweet spot for my own creative balance. If you’re looking to do the same, let’s talk about what might work for you.