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With the successful launch of Space X today comes the wave of privatization of space travel. Space X is making a simple delivery of meals and clothes and student science experiments to the International Space Station, but what’s coming next?

As we’ve cut NASA’s budget to peanuts we’ve (unwittingly?) stopped inspiring students to study sciences. Space used to be such a magnificent quest for our country. A Space Camp alum myself, I allowed that final frontier to light my flame for years. I hope Space X and other private companies traveling in the beyond will allow science and math to guide their quests rather than money. Though I appreciate the ability of a start up to use an agility unknown to the federal government to develop and launch its rocket, I worry that the future will be profit-centric and not science-centric.

I’m a designer with a science background, and I know I wouldn’t have found design if I hadn’t spent years as a geologist. The tools of study, process of rigorous research, and methods of thinking in science are far different than those used in design. I constantly draw on my science toolset in my design work. They’ve helped me be a better designer.

So, godspeed Space X, please propel us towards a profitable, science-driven future.