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Available for purchase on etsy.

Hand crafted set of ten blocks with puzzles. Hand-pulled screen prints on each side form six unique puzzles. Each puzzle is related to the steps of building a bridge including: (1) Cementite (steel) molecular structure, (2) Smelting steel, (3) Hammer and rivets, (4) Cross section of bridge cable, (5) Crane holding a girder, and (6) Completed bridge.

These blocks were made as a limited edition. Only 15 sets exist. Each set comes with ten blocks plus a screen-printed canvas carry sack.

Bridge blocks are made of solid pine and all ink is non-toxic. Finished with food-grade butcher block oil so safe for wandering mouths.

Bridge blocks are suitable for children and adults. Imperfections from the hand made process and natural differences in the wood are part of the beauty.